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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

To be a leader in today’s economy, employers are charged more than ever with providing a benefits package that is fair and valuable for their team members while providing a defined, workable plan for the business itself. 

At BIA, we help our clients develop benefits programs that make a competitive difference for their company while also making a difference in the lives of their employees. We provide the benefits solutions, insight and support that help you create optimal value for your business, and work with you to design a benefits and communication strategy that can recruit and retain the best employees possible. 

From cost to compliance, our benefits team can provide a full range of services for your organization from creating a tailored plan design to an ongoing compliance department.


Why more employers turn to us

In our experience, clients have needs in three specific areas. We are of the opinion that all areas are of equal importance. The financial department will have greater interest in the design of the plan as it will have the greatest impact on the bottom line. The HR department will have strong interest in compliance, as the responsibility for compliance is their area. Lastly, employees and their families need to fully understand the specifics of their plan in order to make educated decisions as well as have realistic expectations as to how their plans work throughout the year. All of these areas are very important. You will find that we have created solutions that give the needed attention to all three areas. 


Benefit Plans


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