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Concierge Cyber

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First off lets be clear-THIS IS NOT CYBER INSURANCE

In today’s heightened cyber threat environment, organizations must ask themselves:

1. Who do I call after hours, weekends, or holidays when my organization suffers a malware or
ransomware attack?

2. How do I avoid paying significantly higher legal and other vendor incident response rates?

3. How do I move forward with an incident response plan that’s not covered by cyber insurance?

Modeled after concierge medicine, Concierge Cyber® members pay a modest annual membership fee for prebreach
and post-breach risk management support through a team of highly credentialed third-party service
providers at pre-negotiated and substantially discounted rates.
The benefits are many, including guaranteed quick and easy access to experts in a highly personalized way,
including same day appointments and phone or email access on evenings and weekends when you have a cyber
event and need it most.

Have you ever wondered who to call in the event of acyber-attack?

What do you do if someone has full control of yourcomputer system and demands a $100,000 ransom?

Where do you go after someone tricks you into sendingthem $75,000 acting as a vendor or client?

 The truth is, there is insurance for this, and sometimes youare provided with a hotline to call. But other times, you aren’t given anumber, the insurance company is closed when an event occurs, or you didn’tbuy/ couldn’t afford cyber insurance. Concierge Cyber has filled this void, andfor only a $250 annual subscription.

What Concierge Cyber Does:

  1. Gives you a number that you can call 24/7 in the event of a cyber-attack.
  2. Gets you in touch with a Cyber Response Team that is working off pre-negotiated rates that are35%-50% off standard rates.
  3. If insured, they will work with your insurance company to go through proper protocols.
  4. 2-Hour consultation with a Virtual Chief Security Officer
  5. Provides you with a Ransomware Hostage Manual
  6. Provides you with Information Security Templates

What Concierge Cyber Does Not Do:

  1. This is not a replacement for cyber insurance, so it will not pay for a claim.
  2. This is also not a replacement for your IT Services firm. They will work in conjunction with them to get things back up and running if you do have this in place.

Who Needs Concierge Cyber:

  1. Companies who don’t have cyber insurance or self-insure this risk
  2. Companies who are insured, but believe $250 is worth 24/7 service, a 2-hour consultation, and manuals
  3. High net-worth individuals worried about hacking of their personal finances

Concierge Cyber® Benefits
- My-CERT™ rates are discounted by 35%–50%, which could save you thousands of dollars compared to “off the street” pricing
- We guarantee same day access, even on evenings and weekends
- Our allegiance is to you and not your insurance company
- If you have a cyber event and maintain cyber insurance, we ensure that we will help you connect to your insurer or forward the matter to a My-CERT™ law firm on your cyber carrier’s approved vendor panel
- We immediately file and report wire fraud to the FBI’s Recovery Asset Team (RAT) to assist in the recovery of fraudulent funds wired by victims

How to sign up or find out more information:

  1. Reach out to your agent at Brock Insurance or Tucker Compton

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