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What matters most?

March 27th, 2018

What Matters most?

One critical issue that Americans tend to overlook is long-term care planning. Consider the impact that a future long-term care event could have on you and your family. 

As we get older, there's a chance we will need help with extended health care, care that is most often not covered by Medicare or other health insurance. This kind of care is most often referred to as Long-Term Care. 

Talk to you family about this and consider the below.

- What is your plan for health care when you consider living out your retirement years?

- How would a long-term health care need impact your family? Will you family step in if care is needed? Do you want them to?

- What is long-term care and how much does it cost?

- Could you self-insure some or all of the additional cost of this type of medical care?

- Where do you want your care? Our choice of Home, Moving in with family, Adult Day Care, Assisted Living Facility and Nursing Home.

We believe you will be happy to hear that today most care is received at home. 

We know this is a difficult topic to consider, and no one wants to contemplate a day that they  may need physical help. Consider though that the right time to plan for this is now while you are independent and healthy. 

Rem Cooper

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